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Workplace-related services for employers, unions and other organizations.

HR & Labour Relations Support

Including: regular or on-call information and support for HR staff, managers and senior executives; complex file reviews; writing assistance; temporary HR team leadership.

Workplace Investigation

Including: complete investigation services; planning and advice; report-writing; witness interviews; policy recommendations; corrective action implementation.

Legal Advice & Assistance

Including: settlement negotiations and drafting; on-call advice; complaint formulation; legal research and opinions; formal correspondence; strategy and problem-solving.

Collective Bargaining

Including: planning, research and advice; pre- and post-bargaining services; lead negotiator/chief spokesperson; collective agreement drafting; communications and relationship management.

Policy & Procedure

Including: workplace policy and procedure revision, development and drafting;  job aids for managers, HR staff and union reps; work processes; roles and responsibilities.


Including: employee conflict management; identification of issues, needs and interests; development and evaluation of options; drafting and implementation of agreement/plan.

Education & Training

Including: basic training for managers, union reps and HR staff; mental health and substance use; workplace accommodation; effective workplace writing;  HR file management.


Including: case management; early resolution; written submissions; hearing prep and/or presentation before labour arbitrators and administrative tribunals; remedy implementation.

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