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Why the name, *Portage*?

Portage Legal Services has a new logo -- to match its name.

So, why the name, "Portage" (pronounced pȯr-ˈtäzh), in the first place?

Because, when it comes to workplace issues, getting where you need to go sometimes feels like carrying a pack, paddle and canoe on your shoulders over land from one body of water to another:

  • It's hard work, and it's usually best not to stop halfway.

  • It takes time and planning.

  • There are usually obstacles along the way, and folks can get hurt.

  • There's not only the prospect of feeling really good and satisfied and optimistic when you get to the other side, but also the possibility of feeling really bad and depleted and hopeless when you get there.

  • And while each trek may be followed by a pleasant paddle, the next portage is almost always on the horizon.

I'm not big or particularly strong, but I've carried lots of packs, paddles and canoes over land. I understand the landscape (law), I'm a whiz with maps and navigation tools (policy and process), and I've got a knack for pinpointing and reaching the other side (outcome).

So get in touch if you need a hand on your next portage.

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